LockedBall Joint replacement on Foreman 450

Mud Master
2004/12/29 21:58:35
Iam replacing my ball joints, and I need to find out what the best way to get the ball joint back in the hole that it came from. I already have the knuckle off, because I replaced the bearings, now I need to put a new ball joint on the bottom end of the knuckle. Just wondering how you guys go about doing this. Thanks in advance for your help.
Super Swamper
Re: Ball Joint replacement on Foreman 450 2004/12/29 22:12:33
it needs to be pressed in with a vice.
Mud Pro
Re: Ball Joint replacement on Foreman 450 2004/12/30 09:06:58
Right with a press. TXMUDERS RINCONS
Trail Rider
Re: Ball Joint replacement on Foreman 450 2004/12/30 09:36:09
put your new ball joint in the freezer and heat up your a arm and you should be able to do it without a press.
Bull 450S
Mud Master
Re: Ball Joint replacement on Foreman 450 2004/12/30 10:42:16
The easiest way would be to freeze the ball joint and also heat the knuckle hole just before putting them together. You should be able to get by without the heating. I simply replaced the whole knuckle and only had to pound in the upper ball joint. For the lower I would make a holder for the ball joint. Maybe 2 short pieces of 2x4 and drill out a hole for the ball joint bolt to drop into. when you are ready to install with the frozen ball joint just put the ball joint into the 2x4 holder, put the knuckle on top of the ball joint (grease the hole and ball joint first) and start tapping the knuckle down onto the ball joint with a hammer.

You could do this the other way around and hammer the ball joint down into the knuckle but holding the knuckle firm and having a good place to tap with the hammer would be more of a problem.

If you want to make it a bit easier further, lightly sand the hole in the knuckle to make the ball slide in a bit easier. But only lightly sand. The ball should fit in tight to prevent ease of slipping out (even though there is a big arse circle clip holding it in).

Of course do all of this on the work bench, not while attached to the quad. If you know someone with a large vise on a bench you may be able to rig it to press the ball into the knuckle. A real press is the easiest way. The local quad service shop may do it for you for free or for a nominal fee.

Good luck with it.
Re: Ball Joint replacement on Foreman 450 2004/12/30 18:02:09
I'd avoid sanding out the hole any. The circlip is for "backup" reasons only, and does no more to secure the ball joint in place than the cotter key on the end of the axle does to hold your brake drum on the end of the axle. If the joint is allowed even the smallest relative motion inside the hole, it'll wear out the hole in no time, and it'll leave you somewhere with the tire stuffed up under the rack, the axle pulled out, and wondering how to get it home.

Freezing the ball joint will help to a certain amount, as will warming the knuckle, but even both combined will not (should not) eliminate the "friction fit" of the two components.

You can use a twelve point socket, or a piece of pipe that fits over the ball joint, and will push it by the same outer ring that will "seat" against the knuckle when it's pressed in, and use that to hammer it in, or use that and a vice to press it in. It's awful handy if you have access, but it doesn't require a proper press to get it installed, just patience and sometimes determination.
Mud Master
Re: Ball Joint replacement on Foreman 450 2004/12/30 22:01:38
Thanks to all of you guys for the expert advice! I ended up using a large socket over the ball joint and just drove it in with a hammer, it went in nice and smooth. I got my sealed bearings in, with no problems, and I got my disc brake kit mounted too. It seems to ride smoother than when it was new! And will just about stop on a dime (well at least the front), looks like the rear brakes are next. Thanks again to you all, especially jake450s and bull450s.
Trail Rider
Re: Ball Joint replacement on Foreman 450 2005/01/01 13:04:23
Glad you like the disc brakes.....when i had to replace my ball joints, the guy at our local honda shop said he had never heard of anyone having to replace ball joints on a 4 wheeler. I was like **** but mine we a pain to put in also. You gonna get the disc brakes for the rear? Cause i think my front brakes work good enough and i didnt even worry about the rear ones.
Mud Master
Re: Ball Joint replacement on Foreman 450 2005/01/01 13:16:52
The disc brakes are unbelievable, as for the back brakes, Iam going to get a brand new drum assembly for $60.00 from a guy I know. It comes complete and just needs to be bolted on. Looks like the cheapest way to go until I can afford the rear disc kit. Let me know if you want a new rear drum assembly and I will give you the guys number.
Trail Rider
Re: Ball Joint replacement on Foreman 450 2005/01/01 17:34:55
Are you just gettin the entire think for 60? Ive got a new set of pads for the rear on mine but im just to lazy to take the wheel off and replace the pads and adjust em. But they will only be good for about 50 miles then they gotta be re-adjusted.
Mud Master
Re: Ball Joint replacement on Foreman 450 2005/01/02 17:55:45
yep, Iam getting the entire rear drum assembly with pads, seals, the whole 9 yards, all i will have to do is bolt it on!