Locked600 grizzly oil level?!

Trail Rider
2010/02/20 11:10:15
i have a 2001 600 grizzly and it has the oil sight glass...does anyone know the level its supposta be while running and while stopped?!
Mud Bogger
Re:600 grizzly oil level?! 2010/03/14 22:56:45
there are three lines on the block right by thr sight glass it should be right at the top notch
Mud Maniac
Re:600 grizzly oil level?! 2010/03/14 23:47:38
My fathers 99 only has 2 notches. Upper is for a hot idling engine. Lower notch is for a cold dead engine.
Respected Member
Re:600 grizzly oil level?! 2010/03/15 03:14:52
When the engine is running, you will more than likely not see any oil in the sight glass. This is normal.
The best time to check the level of the engine oil is about 5 mintues after you shut if off. Thats even written right in the owners manual.
The level should be apprximately 1/2 -3/4 up the sight glass. Any more than that and the engine will blow the over fill in to the airbox. Any less, well that is self explanatory.
Some years had sight "lines" on the sight glass. My 1998 does not, but the manual calls for 1/2-3/4 up.