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2008/10/01 22:39:29
OK, with all the experience hanging around this site I hope someone has an answer for me.

I'm working with a small bike, 2wd Kawasaki Bayou 220. I have put together a solid 1.5 in snorkel on the right side of the bike, however I was encountering some stumbling right off of idle, no mater what gear. So my logic told me jetting may be an issue, or if I had adequate air flow, this would solve the issue as well. So I opted for the better air flow by installing another 1.5 in pipe in the left side. Well the bike still has the same problems. Funny part is, I can put a factory top back on the air box without the plugged holes, and the problem goes away?

Any tips would be great!

BTW, here is a link to the Youtube Video I threw together, Its my first instilation of an intake snorkel


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RE: Kawasaki Bayou Snorkel Pet project help 2008/10/01 23:23:17
nice video and it looks good
i would try one of two things, check the plug for proper color, maybe enough air, and fuel but not enough exhaust, may need to change the muffler out
next thats a lot of bends, and is restricting the flow, take pieces of the snorkle off until you get it right, if that works go get some spa pipe and do away with all those 45s
just some ideas, i have never done a bayou
Mud Bogger
RE: Kawasaki Bayou Snorkel Pet project help 2008/10/02 06:17:02
Well the mufflers did get flooded the first time I took it under water.. "Shut down and filled up the engine and air box" Yea I made the mistake of trying to crank it under water without an exhaust snorkel. I will not make that mistake again. Maybe the mufflers giving me too much back pressure?

In the video I do not document the second snorkel on the left side, but it has less bends and basically doubles the air volume up to the last foot of the snorkel where I run them together with a "T" fitting. If it helps I can get a few shots of that as well for reference.

I haven't looked at the spark plug, but I will check that as well, and report back on my findings.

Lastly, I have noticed at speeds right off of idle, I'm getting air pressure pushing out of the Snorkel, I don't know if that's normal or not...
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RE: Kawasaki Bayou Snorkel Pet project help 2008/10/02 10:17:14
the dual snorkle with a t is not helping very much
like stated above remove snorkle parts until it runs right, then find a snorkle setup that will get you the same bends
may have to go to 2" but i wouldnt think so on such a small motor, my 660 has a 2"
and reduce backpressure wherever you can imop it will add power
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RE: Kawasaki Bayou Snorkel Pet project help 2008/10/02 19:07:29
you probably only need a single 1.25 inch hose to supply air to the air box.  I would attempt to see which end of the spectrum you are running at.  run the bike with out the air box cover and see if it behaves the same, if so, then youre getting to much airflow.  if not, then your snorkle is too restrictive.  im thinking its the former.
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RE: Kawasaki Bayou Snorkel Pet project help 2008/10/07 20:50:49
OK, here's an update on what I've encountered so far.
The spark plug electrode is white, and a hint of brown, the "tongue" is the same.
If Im not mistaken that means its running very lean.

Next, I ran the bike W/O the top on the air box... it ran better believe it or not. I am starting to believe with the way the air box is designed, it was tuned for very little air restriction, since there was no factory snorkel installed on the bike.

Now, my guess is if the bike is running with greater air restriction due to a Snorkel, it would run very lean?

I did read in another forum that the 220 was tuned very lean from the factory, so what im suspecting is the bike is not very forgiving when it comes to messing with the air flow.

(the changes Ive made)
The bike had a 115 jet, I went to a 118 jet, and also lowered the clip on the metering rod 1 notch. this raised the rod and enriched the mixture.

I had it running pretty good with both snorkels at the fender "No riser pipes" Once I add a foot on each side with a 90 deg. turn, it starts to cut back, but not as bad as it was before. The last thing I did before I quite for the night was check the plug again, its still mostly white.
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RE: Kawasaki Bayou Snorkel Pet project help 2008/10/08 11:22:26
Try 45's at the top of the snorkle pipes insted of 90's. That made quite a bit of difference when I was doing my bayou. You might make sure and test the seal on the lid of your air box. I ended up flooding mine and getting a ton of water in the oil. I tested the entire snorkle again when I got the bike home and couldn't find a leak. I ended up figuring out that the leak was the seal around the factory lid on the air box.
Mud Master
RE: Kawasaki Bayou Snorkel Pet project help 2008/10/08 11:35:20
I did my wife's 250 on the driver side with 1 1/2". It idles fine. 1 1/4" would have been fine if the snorkel wasn't so long, so that's why I used 1 1/2". How did you attach it to the airbox? And did you seal off the airbox lid?
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RE: Kawasaki Bayou Snorkel Pet project help 2008/10/08 11:38:44
And,  did you adjust you a/f mixture screw? If it’s stumbling from idle – ¼ throttle, then give that a try.
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RE: Kawasaki Bayou Snorkel Pet project help 2008/10/08 15:44:47
I did try messing with the A/F screw early on with no real improvement, but that's one of the things I plan to do this evening, now that its closer to being where I want it... I think before it was so lean, no matter what I did it wasn't going to help.

So far as attaching the pipes to the air box, I used a 1 1/2 pluming connector, I then took a 1 1/2 in Inside Diameter tub gasket and placed it on the fitting against the outside of the air box, making a tight seal between the box and connector. after that it was PVC 90's, Vacuum Hose, and various connectors.

Lastly, I have tested the box cover before, and it dose seal up, since I have been back into the bike and making changes, I plan on testing everything out again in my neighbors pond before going out riding... This way I fix any leaks before they become a real problem. 
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