LockedOne Way Bearing

Mud Pro
2008/06/27 13:47:17
I believe my one way bearing is shot. My engine braking don't work, half the time. And sometimes makes a whirling sound, coming from the transmission. Anyway, my question is: I know a bearing from a 660 will work, but how bout one from a 600? Thanks for any advice.
Mud Pro
RE: One Way Bearing 2008/06/27 15:25:21
I checked the parts #'s and they are the same.
Trail Rider
RE: One Way Bearing 2008/06/28 07:21:33
Mine is doing the same thing, How involved is it to change this thing out?
Outlaw Extremist
RE: One Way Bearing 2008/06/28 09:08:28
Do you have any gears or no  ?? Like when its idlein it doesnt make a sound but when you get on it it makes the sound ?? When you put it in any gear does the shafts spin or no ?? Ive just vaporizd mine on my old 500 kitty lol and its not that hard to do really .
Mud Monster
RE: One Way Bearing 2008/06/28 09:43:30
I figured i would chime in on this since I just done this on my Kodiak 450.  Grab pull rope starter and pull on it, if starter spins while pulling rope, then one-way bearing is locked up.  You will need to check gear wear on starter, idler gear, flywheel, and check all parts that are used to start bike.  The job is pretty simple, just expensive if you buy all new parts.  I found part at local atv repair shop and he even let me use flywheel puller to get my broken one off.  I paid $50 for a used one-way bearing and new it costs $94 w/o shipping costs, prolly the same price for grizzly.  just to give you an idea of what you will pay, www.partforyamaha.com,  they are a little high but it will give you an idea.  don't order from them unless you don't have a local dealer, b/c they do the same as dealer, order, wait, then ship to you, 3 week turn around.  If you need help with the grizzly pm me and I will do all I can to help.  I done mine about 2 months ago and it is still fresh in my mind.  Don't forget to check keyway after pulling flywheel to make sure it hasn't got any wear on it also, mine was almost sheared.
Outlaw Extremist
RE: One Way Bearing 2008/06/28 09:49:27
i dont know about the kodiak but on the grizzly you dont have to pull the flywheel to change the one way bearing.
RE: One Way Bearing 2008/06/28 09:58:14
i dont think you should have to on the kodiak...i mean if its the one way bearing in the tranny...all you gotta do to get to that one is pull the primary clutch assembly off...thats easy.
Outlaw Extremist
RE: One Way Bearing 2008/06/28 09:59:48
yep, no special tools required.
Mud Pro
RE: One Way Bearing 2008/06/28 16:13:02
There are two One-Way bearings. You have one on the starter side and one on the clutch side. If the engine braking isnt working its the one on the clutch side. The way I can always tell if the starter side is going bad is: when you kill or start the bike you can still here it spinning inside.
Mud Pro
RE: One Way Bearing 2008/06/29 10:35:34
Thanks for the responses ya'll. The reason I asked is cause you can get on from the dealership for about $60, or off ebay for $25 (but for a 600).
Super Swamper
RE: One Way Bearing 2008/06/29 18:31:02
Get that thing going the 19th will be here before you know it.