Lockedsubstance to keep mud off

Mud Maniac
2005/10/13 16:37:08
I keep tearing boots because when my lift was complete their is a small gap between the powder coated medal and the boot. Mud gets stuck in their and tears the boot. Yea, I know keep sticking my fingers in thr and get the mud out but after a couple beers I forget. So anyone else have the same problem and use something the the mud will not stick to? I have tried WD-40 and mop n glow they did not work.
Mud Monster
Re: substance to keep mud off 2005/10/13 17:10:26
try cooking Pam. We used to use that on soccer cleats & the the mud would fall off as we ran.
Outlaw Extremist
Re: substance to keep mud off 2005/10/22 21:30:36
DONT USE PAM!! It can stain very bad if it gets hot. We soak all of our bikes with stp son of a gun treatment. Works like a charm. just dont spray it on your seat. It gets too slick.
Mud Pro
Re: substance to keep mud off 2005/10/23 17:58:45
i use some stuff that we use on our race cars. its called mud off it keeps the mud from sticking as much. the only proplem is that when you go in a creek or water it washes off. but it still works pretty good when it comes to cleaning it.
Mud Maniac
Re: substance to keep mud off 2005/10/27 23:52:42
Hey guys I tried the Pam and it did not even phase the mud. I am going to try the STP this weekend and will let you know. Thx
Outlaw Extremist
RE: Re: substance to keep mud off 2006/02/23 17:11:22
I use 3IN1 silicone spray, it works great!