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attribute of the giraffe

From pure steam generator to water treatment process  , Praj Hipurity is a company that specializes in dealing with tools and equipment that help in the generation of pure water. Understanding that water is a scarce resource, the Praj Hipurity systems are focused at helping business owners achieve optimum efficiency in their existing processes. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, Praj Hipurity gives its clients access to some of the finest experts in the industry when it comes to developing water treatment process for pharma machinery, bio reactors and a host of other devices. Developed in accordance to the international standards of quality, these processes help in purifying water so that it can be used in the industrial processes. Not all water may be fit for human consumption but cleaning it and using it for industrial processes is also a great way to contribute towards the conservation of the resource.

Turnkey solutions

Praj Hipurity was formerly known as Neela Systems and is now a subsidiary of the globally acclaimed Praj Group. Having established its reputation of providing credible water treatment solutions, Praj currently serves several clients across industries. It’s ability to deliver turnkey solutions comes from its efforts of constant innovation and determination to give the customer maximum value for the money being invested.

Here is a brief preview of the solutions offered by Praj Hipurity:

Pre-Treatment Systems: MGF, Softeners, Pre-Ultrafiltration, First Pass RO

Post-Treatment Systems: Second Pass RO, EDI, Post-Ultrafiltration

Storage & Distribution Systems: Purified water, Highly Purified water, Water for Injection

Piping and Installation: Sterile piping of clean utility, pendants, point of use heat exchangers

Tailor made solutions

Every business has a different requirement and as leaders, Praj Hipurity understands this difference in an excellent way. The solutions developed by the team are always preceded by ample amount of research and sessions to understand the needs of the business. This ensures that the solutions being developed are easily able to adapt themselves to the existing process and therefore contribute towards optimizing the efficiency. The solvent recover process prescribed takes into consideration the needs of the businesses guaranteeing that the solutions are tailor made to suit the requirements of a business.

The approach

The multifaceted approach at Praj Hipurity works around developing the process to remove the suspended material from the water, gradually minimize the extent of pollution by removing the chemicals and increasing the softness of the water before finally reintroducing it as part of the industrial process. For each of these stages, Praj uses patented processes that in turn rely on world class equipment to accomplish the task. The increased efficiency and expertise coupled with the best professionals is what empowers Praj to deliver the turnkey solutions that propagate the growth of the business. Giraffes are the tallest land animals on the planet, ranging from 13 to 19 feet in height. Mature female giraffes can reach up to 1,500 pounds and males tip the scales at 3,000 pounds. At birth, calves are already 6 feet tall and 150 pounds. To accommodate dizzying height, their unusual percentages and tremendous weight, the internal anatomy of the giraffe must be specialized.

The Neck

The most outstanding attribute of the giraffe is its neck. The giraffe's neck is 6 feet long and contains approximately 550 pounds of muscle, and yet it has only seven vertebrae -- the same number of vertebrae as the human neck. However, the vertebrae are elongated, well-spaced and supported by quite flexible joints. Up-projecting spines are situated in the root of the neck, which function to support the heavy muscles and hold the neck upright.

Mouth and Tongue

Based on the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the giraffe's tongue and mouth construction are especially adapted to its diet. Giraffes have various types of vegetation, but it is particularly partial to the thorny acacia tree. Its 18- to 20-inch- grooved upper palate and long prehensile tongue are made to grab and strip leaves. A giraffe uses its tongue to sort the leaves from the thorns. The animal's tongue and mouth are protected from the sharp thorns by thick papillae and viscous saliva.

Heart and Circulation

The giraffe's blood pressure is twice that of people -- a necessity to push blood up the neck. In accordance with BBC Earth News, it was formerly believed that the high pressure originated from a big heart. Nevertheless, a study conducted at the University of Pretoria South Africa at the Centre for Veterinary Wildlife Studies revealed the giraffe's heart is relatively small, and that its astonishing power is the result of a small radius as well as thick walls. One's heart is supported with a self regulating cardiovascular system. As does a muscle cuff that encircles the jugular vein pressure detectors along blood vessels signal growth and constriction to adjust the flow of blood.


Nestled inside the giraffe's long neck is a 12-foot trachea. When fresh air is inhaled by the giraffe, it's not possible for it to fully expel the breath that is last, causing oxygen-depleted air being trapped in the trachea. The giraffe compensates for this particular problem having a slow respiratory rate and lungs that are oversize. The giraffe's respiratory rate is one third that of humans, and its own lungs are eight times as big. The slow exchange of atmosphere and also the large volume of it kept in the lungs balance carbon dioxide ratio and the oxygen and avoid trachea damage. The home sizes all t.                            
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Ok am I buying a giraffe that pees clean water?

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