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Swap Shop Rules/Disclaimer

  • ******** ATTENTION ALL SWAP SHOP USERS ********

    Please read through the rules below and make sure that you adhere to them. We hope that these rules and guidelines will help to stream line the functionality of the Swap Shop to make it more beneficial and useful for all of those that use it.

    Users of the Swap Shop should understand that they do so AT THEIR OWN RISK.  Both parties understand and agree to complete the transaction and should do so as quickly as possible.  Seller should use their best efforts to describe the parts or products and Buyer should complete their portion of the transaction and make payment when payment is due.  High Lifter Products, Inc., the Forum Administration and Moderators are in no way responsible for any portion of these transactions and cannot be held in any way liable for any loss incurred by either party in the transaction.  Furthermore, participation in the Swap Shop and this forum serves as acceptance of these rules and regulations.  Any incidence of disregard for these rules and guidelines can result in the loss of forum privileges.

    IN SHORT...If you sell or buy something from a fellow forum member, follow through with the sale!  Sellers, these members are willing to send their hard-earned money for your goods.  Don't stiff them.  Buyers, if you agree to pay, then pay.  Bottom line.
  • NOTE: Repeated violation of rules after warning from Moderators may result in temporary or permanent banning.
  • MANDATORY price and location: If you want to sell, you will be required to list your selling price or your terms-of-trade in your original post. No more posts with "What will you give me for it?" or "Make me an offer". Also, make it known where you are located, how far you will travel to make the deal, and how someone can get in touch with you. No more testing the waters post,if you post it then it has to be for sell.
  • Wait period for bumping/reposting topics back up:  It will be allowed to bump or repost a thread after one month. If your swap shop thread was originally posted on Oct 14th, you may repost it again on or after Nov 14th. If you wait until Nov 20th to bump it, it will not be eligible to be bumped again until Dec 20th not Dec 14th. It matters not how many days are in any given month, it only matters that it be the same day of the following month or later.
  • No duplicate threads: Do not start another thread if one already exists for that item. The only exception to this would be the one month bump(see above). Editing or deleting threads in the Swap Shop to circumvent bumping or duplicate thread rules is not allowed and will be removed.
  • Organize multiple items into one post: If you are trying to sell or trade multiple items in the same section, place them all in one topic. Do not start a seperate topic for every item.
  • No auction or other links instead of listing info for items: Seller will list info on item, price, and location as per the rules or thread will be deleted. It is not acceptable to simply post a link for the item from Ebay, Craigslist, or any other source as opposed to posting the info in the thread.
  • No firearms: The sale or trade of firearms in the Swap Shop is prohibitted. Again, any topics or replies pertaining to the sale/trade of a firearm will be removed immediately.
  • No crossposting: The Swap Shop is the only place to list items for sale or trade. Topics concerning a sale or trade that are found in other areas, will be moved to the Swap Shop (if they comply with the other Swap Shop rules), or deleted if it is found that a post already exists in the Swap Shop by the offending user.
  • Sellers must post when items have been sold: All Sellers must post when the item(s) that they are selling have been sold. This will help prevent old posts from reappearing after items are sold.
  • No second party sales: Second party sales are not permitted in the Swap Shop. Second party sales are those where people say that their cousin, brother, aunt, uncle, co-worker, etc. has a item/items for sale. If you do not own the item, do not post it for sale.
  • No commercial selling: Moderators are to delete any post with commercial selling immediately.A pm will be sent to the poster with a warning.If the member does not comply with the rules then they will lose their ability to post on the forum. 

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