Need advice on what to do next!

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2017/04/15 20:00:29 (permalink)

Need advice on what to do next!

I have a 95 Kodiak 400 4x4, has hi and low range. Just put a new weisco piston in with tusk top end gasket kit. I have 27" titan atv589 9" front 11" rear on stock rims. Turns the tires awesome im low range in ANYTHING, turns them well in high range also. Top end is 45ish on speedo and 49 on GPS. Clutch is slipping a bit in 5th, so I ordered a tusk HD clutch kit with the HD Springs. Here is my delima, should I do any other clutch mods when I replace my clutch? What else can I do? I need more top end honestly, my girl has an 2010 420 rancher with 25" tires and she can do circles around me. She cruises about 45 and at that speed my machine is revving way higher than I would like to hold for a long run. I have read that the extra 2" on the tires plus the weight are taking almost 8mph off my top end. I think possibly my clutch is slightly slipping the whole time too. I have a setbof 25s im going to put on and try also, but I guess the point of my rambling is what else can I do as far as clutch mods to net me a noticeable gain in performance. Soon is coming a custom muffler and then gonna jet my carb too.

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    Re: Need advice on what to do next! 2017/04/16 00:34:01 (permalink)
    From what I have found in my experience. A clutch kit in a foot shift hinders more then helps. It causes to much slippage at low speeds and wears the starter clutch out faster. I did not like the one in my ATV and returned it back to stock. They may be good for racing but not so much on a trail bike.
    If you are replacing the secondary clutches it is a perfect time to replace the starter clutch, they wear out and will slip with age. A new one will make the bike feel new again!
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    Re: Need advice on what to do next! 2017/04/23 16:04:31 (permalink)
    Kinda interesting what you write
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    Re: Need advice on what to do next! 2017/04/23 16:46:07 (permalink)
    He speaks the truth!!!!!!

    1997 Honda 300 4x4
    Head Ported and Polished
    317 Kit
    Big Red Cam
    Clutch Kit
    SuperTrapp IDS2 Exhaust
    K&N Filter
    Carb Kit
    32" Interco Interforce II's
    16" MSA M30 Trottles
    54% gear reduction
    Honda 350 rear axle assm.


    1998 Honda 300 2x4
    6" BPC LIft with some sick a-arms
    420 spindles and disk brakes
    29.5" OL2'S
    14" MSA M26 Vibes
    4x4 Frame and Motor that's here now just got to get to work on the swap over!!!
    54% Gear Reduction
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    Re: Need advice on what to do next! 2017/04/29 20:17:09 (permalink)
    So i got my Tusk HD clutch kit a few days agao, just decided to put it in today after a 24hr soak in oil. So i pulled the side case of my engine and realized there is a centrifugal clutch the engages before the wet clutch even moves. I inspected the cent. clutch and shoes do not look that nice, the drum they grab have grooves also. I am a mechanic and when there are grooves in a cars brake drum, u put them on the lathe and install new shoes. im not sure if this applies to a clutch setup also? Anyways, the clutch spring bolts were bottomed out when i removed the old clutch, so i put them in same place when i installed the new clutch. Never thought to look up torque specs, which best i can tell is 7.4ft lbs. Put everything back together and quad feels like a manual clutched dirtbike being held halfway in, you know kinda moves but slips if you put power to it. So tomorrowi will take apart again and torque springs and hopefully all will be good. On a side note, put my 27" titans on y gf 420 ranches so i could see the difference 25"s would make on my ATV. Anyways, her rancher makes them turn alot better than mine! Think myabe ill be going and getting a Honda in the near future.
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