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High Lifter Forum User Guide and FAQs

High Lifter Forums
User Guide

Hi and welcome to the High Lifter Forums! These forums are provided by High Lifter Products Inc. for the purpose of discussing the company’s products, rides and events, and to provide a family oriented place for people of all ages to promote the sport of riding ATVs. High Lifter Products produces many high quality, aftermarket products to enhance the abilities of your ATV in both trail and mud riding. We invite you to explore the site and forums, learn new information and tips, as well as provide your knowledge to other users. There are some rules to follow which are listed below. This document covers many topics which are designed to help you become a contributing member of this community.

I.    Forum Rules and Conduct
         a.    Individual Forum Rules
         b.    Reporting Rule Violations
         c.    High Lifter's Official Acceptable Use Policy

II.    General Netiquette
         a.    Everyone’s Human
         b.    Flame Wars/Bashing
         c.    Spamming
         d.    Inappropriate Content/Controlled Topics

III.    The Forums and Their Organization
         a.    Most Popular Discussions
         b.    High Lifter Related
         c.    OEM Discussions
         d.    High Lifter Swap Shop
         e.    Other ATV Related Topics
         f.    Off Road Vehicles

IV.    The Moderating Team
         a.    Administrators
         b.    Moderators
         c.    Respected Members

V.    Forum Rankings

VI.    Frequently Asked Questions/Guides to the Forums

I.     Forum Rules and Conduct

The one rule that you should remember, regardless if you remember any of the others, is that the High Lifter Forums are a family forum. Keep your posts so that it is appropriate for an 8 year old to read. Posts/threads that are deemed to not fulfill this requirement will be edited/deleted at Moderator’s discretion. All other general forum rules are contained in the Acceptable Use Policy, which is found at the top of the forum. You also agreed to the AUP when you created an account, so ignorance of the rules is not a valid justification for not following them.
a.    Individual Forum Rules
Certain forum sections contain their rules, such as the Mud Hole. These rules are found “pinned” to the top of those respective sections. These rules are enforced in addition to the general forum rules found in the AUP.
b.    Reporting Rule Violations
Should you find a post/thread that is not in compliance with the rules listed above, please use the REPORT ABUSE feature which is found under MESSAGE OPTIONS at the top of the post. With over 20,000 users and thousands of posts/threads made daily, the Moderating Team cannot find every post with a ruleviolation in it. The REPORT ABUSE feature, when used, generates a TICKET which is assigned to a member of the Moderator Team. We receive notifications that a ticket has been created, thus enabling the Moderators to rapidly handle the offending post. You can view tickets that you have created by hovering your mouse over the FORUM MENU drop down list near the top of the forum.
 c.     High Lifter's Official Acceptable Use Policy
          You can view the complete AUP here.                           

II.    General Netiquette

What is this "netiquette" I keep hearing about? Well, netiquette is just what it sounds like: "network etiquette". The way you behave in a public forum, the way you treat others in a chat room, the way you act and the way you carry yourself while online. Quite simply, it is all about behaving properly online. Netiquette is no different than real life etiquette and common courtesy. When participating in an online chat or in a forums conversation, a little common sense goes a long way.

 There are a lot of netiquette articles online for you to peruse, some more advanced than others. This is just a basic overview. If you are new to the Internet, or more specifically forums and chats, then this is for you. If you're a bit of a net veteran, then well... read it any way! You might pick up something you didn't know before. What this document will aim to do is give you a brief introduction to the best ways to go about conducting yourself online, how to become involved in the best possible way and above all else keep things fun and interesting.

a.     Everyone’s Human

1.    Respect
Everyone's human. Respect and treat others in the same manner that you'd like to be treated. People who frequent a community and gain ranks based upon their experience on the forums demand a certain amount of respect. They've been there for quite some time; they know their stuff and are an integral part of the community. "Insulting the elders" does not go over well. Treat them with respect and they will show you the same courtesy in return. This is not to say that members with higher ranks have special privileges. All members are held to the same rules and policies of the community.

2.  Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. People post things on a forum or in a chat that may be inaccurate, or said in the heat of the moment.  Be forgiving when it comes to these mistakes. Flaming a person, or laughing at them, doesn’t do anything except anger someone else. This is not productive. The day will come when you will make a mistake. It will pay off over time to go easy on other user’s mistakes.
3.    Opinion
Everyone has an opinion on a given subject. This creates a diverse discussion providing many different points of view. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and is allowed to give that opinion within the confines or the forum rules. Discussion is what forums are for.
4.    Privacy
         Everyone has the right to privacy. Do not post personal information about other users.
b.    Flame Wars/Bashing

Everyone enjoys a good heated discussion on a given topic. However, when they degraded into bickering and arguing, the topic has deteriorated into a flame war. This is prohibited on these and most forums. The same is true for bashing of other users, High Lifter Products, OEMs, etc.
c.    Spamming
Spamming, or making useless posts are prohibited. Posting “bump” or “TTT,” “Agreed” etc are all spamming posts since they do not contribute any useful or pertinent information to the topic. These posts may be deleted at Moderators discretion. *NOTE* The only forum section where “bumping” is allowed is in the Swap Shop sections where the OP (Original Poster) is allowed to bump his or her thread after the 3 day wait limit has expired.
d.    Inappropriate Content/Controlled Topics
As stated previously, this forum is very family oriented. If the post/thread you have created is one that you would not want your 8 year old child to read, it is not appropriate for this forum. We also have some “Controlled Topics” which are not to be discussed due the inability of most people to not control themselves when discussing them. These threads rapidly deteriorate into flame wars and bashing and are thus     prohibited from being discussed. These include Political Topics and Religious topics (except for threads requesting prayer). Also, contained within each forum section are some threads are designed to reduce clutter in those forum sections. Such threads are Picture threads.
III.    The Forums and Their Organization
The High Lifter Forums are categorized to facilitate similar information being found in the same locale. Doing this enables users to find topics on a subject easier, as well as making the forums look cosmetically better. Please post your threads in the appropriate, or most appropriate forum section. Moderators will move your thread to the most appropriate section if you have posted it in the wrong location. A list of the forum categories are found below.
a.  Most Popular Discussions
This category contains the most active sections on the forum. However, just because these are the most active sections, does not mean the you should post just any thread in them. By posting your thread in the appropriate section, you will generate discussion there. The most active section of  this forum is the Mud Hole. This section is for topics that are NOT related to ATVs. This forum section is not a free for all either. It is heavily moderated, with its own rules that are in addition to those found in the AUP. Posts in the Mud Hole do NOT contribute to your post count.

b.  High Lifter Related
This category contains sections that are directly related to High Lifter Inc, its web site, Events, etc. It also contains the Forum Support and FAQs section where you will find help with the forums.
c.  OEM Discussions

The OEM Discussions category contains sections for all ATV manufacturers. This sections are for discussion of your favorite brands, models and technical questions related to it.

d.  High Lifter Swap Shop

Want to sell something on the High Lifter Forums? Want to buy or trade something? The Swap Shop category is where you will find the Want to Sell and the Want to buy sections. These sections also have their own rules to follow, in addition to the general rules discussed earlier. Be sure to review the pinned topics in each section before listing your advertisement. Also contained within this category is Scott’s Corner. Here you will occasionally find special deals directly from High Lifter.

e.  Other ATV Related Topics

This category contains sections that are indirectly related to ATVs or the Trail/Mud riding topics. Of special note here, is the Member Photo Galleries section. This section allows you to create a photo album and upload your pictures direct to the High Lifter server. You can also browse through other users’ albums. Please note that uploaded pictures must be approved by the Moderator team before they are publically viewable.

f.  Off Road Vehicles

    This category includes Truck Discussions and Detailing/Cleaning sections.

IV.    The Moderating Team

The High Lifter Moderating consist of forum users who have been hand picked to help lead and guide discussions on the forums. They have been given special abilities to keep topics confined to the rules of the forum. This team consist of two different groups:

a.   Administrators

This group contains members which are wholly responsible for the administration of the forums.
b.   Moderators
The members of this group are your “go to” people for help on the forums. They will assist you in any way they can. Remember, these people are High Lifter members first, Moderators second.

c.    Respected Members
While this group is not part of the Moderator Team, they are an invaluable resource to the High Lifter Community. The members of this group have helped users with many different problems and posted excellent information for the benefit of the ATV community. These members are hand chosen by High Lifter and the Moderator Team for their contributions to both the High Lifter forums and the ATV community. You can find a list of the Respected Members here.
V.     Forum Rankings

The Forum Ranks are simply a factor to show how active you are on the forums. Post count is the only factor in increasing your rank. This is not an invite to spam, as it is prohibited. Posting good information will not only increase your forum rank, but may promote you into the Respected Members group or Moderator group. Since this is a frequently asked question, we have listed the forum ranks here for you to see, please note that we have not listed the number of posts, as that would take away some of the fun.

              Puddle Jumper
              Dirt Monster
              Trail Rider
              Mud Slinger
              Mud Bogger
              Mud Maniac
              Mud Monster
              Mud Master
              Mud Pro
              Super Swamper
              Outlaw Extremist

VI.   Frequently Asked Questions/ Guides to the Forums

More FAQs will be added as they are created.
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