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Forum Rules

Welcome to the High Lifter Forum! Thanks to interested users like you we’re proud to say that this forum has become the biggest and most popular ATV related forum on the web with more than 26,000 users (and counting) to date.
Our goal is to continue making this the safest, best, and most enjoyable forum on the web but we need your help to make it happen! In an effort to achieve this goal we’ve provided a few rules and guidelines for how best to make use of this forum while treating it and its users with the respect they deserve. Unfortunately, anyone who can't follow these rules may be banned from joining the conversation in the future so be sure that you review them and become familiar with them as soon as possible!

Inappropriate or Offensive Posts
Any posting containing material deemed inappropriate or offensive by our moderators is also prohibited and will be automatically removed. This includes any messages or material that is ethnically, racially, religiously or sexually offensive, insulting or demeaning. It also includes messages that are harassing or threatening to others or are otherwise related to any other type of illegal activity. In other words, if you wouldn't like it said about you, don't say it about others. We don't want to be censors, but non-constructive negative comments about others (including our competitors) are inappropriate and can severely degrade the quality of this forum and our users’ enjoyment of it.
Additionally any "nonsense" posts, those that do not invite discussion, or those that do not relate to or further the current topic may be deleted or may be moved to a more appropriate area within the forum.
NOTE: Attempts to raise your post count by making multiple "nonsense" posts is frowned upon and will likely draw the attention of our Moderators and may lead to reprimand.

User Interaction & Forum Etiquette

RESPECT will be the key to the Political discussions.
H/L still has rules in place concerning Religious discussions and will continue to enforce them as needed.
We also understand that Politics and Religion will inherently cross at times but the main body of these discussions will not be allowed to be solely based on Religion.
All post will be viewed and acted upon as needed by the Moderators.


Please Note: If you would like to discuss the action(s) of Moderators, you are advised to contact any Moderator(s) or Admin(s) via Private Message or Email through the forum.

Inappropriate Content
In addition to the inappropriate post material listed above, there are several other forms of content (language, pictures, etc.) we feel are inappropriate or not conducive to open communication or calm debate within the forum.


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