Hot!Finding a little $300 treasure. Honda Rancher Pasture find

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2017/08/13 09:25:07 (permalink)

Finding a little $300 treasure. Honda Rancher Pasture find

Found a 4-wheeler sitting in a pasture covered in briers.   After about an hour of talking to the owner, he pushed it out of the briers with a tractor.   It turned out to be a 2005 Honda Rancher 350 FM with red plastics that are faded really bad.  It was riding on a good set of 24" GBC Dirt Devils on stock rims with the ugliest home made snorkel ever made.  The rear wheels didn't turn at all.  And a quick look at the front end all four CV boot were ripped, the ball joins and tie rod ends were bad.  There was orange form a gasket squeezed out from all the seams on the engine.  I paid the man $300 and he went inside, so I started loading it up.  To my surprise he came back with the title and asked it I wanted the rest of the tires for it.  I said sure.  I finished getting the bike loaded up and he went into a barn and came back out with a couple of what turned out to be almost new 28" Silverbacks on 12" ITP Rims.  He also had a set of 25" Kenda Bear Claw on another set of 12" ITP rims.
Got it home and stripped it down, the rear tires didn't turn because the rear brake was locked up.  The left rear bearing fell apart when I pulled the axle and had to be air hammered out.  One of the ball joints had broken and the front bearings were done for.  On the upside, I took the rear diff apart, it is in good shape with a GR, the front diff has a locker and looked like all new bearings. The front drive shaft has been replace with a switch out and is in good shape.  The muffler is a DG that has been welded on to an over sized exhaust pipe.  But the big prize is that the engine is perfect.  It has been bored over, but runs smooth and quite.  The carb has been jetted and the air filter is a K & N.
28" Gorilla Silverbacks on ITP rims
25" Bear Claws on ITP rims
Drive shaft switch out
Front diff locker
2" Lift kit
Gear reduction
K & N Air filter
DG Muffler
A butt UGLY Home made snorkel
Really all I will have to do is replace all the wheel bearings, swing arm bearing, ball joints and tie rod ends.  My son claimed the Bear Claws, his tires were bald.  The Silverbacks are going on this bike which leaves me with a good set of dirt devils.  I threw the snorkel away, man it was ugly.  I ordered some axle guards to replace the stupid plastic stock ones.  
Question is, is there anything else I need to mod?  And why did they make the exhaust pipe over sized?

02' Rancher 350FM 4X4 Red
Oxlite Guards

02' Rancher 350FM 4X4  Green - A never ending Project - Stripped to the FRAME to rebuild everything!
HL Front Disc Brakes
HL Pull Starter Leak Shield
HL Lift Kit
Detroit Gearless Locker
01' Rancher 350TM Orange (Wife's toy)
K&N Air Filter
Dyno Jet
01' Rancher 350FM 4X4 Green
Oxlite Guards
2,500 lbs Warn Winch
ITP Mud lites
2004 Rancher 350 FE 4X4 Green  (soon to get mods)
K & N Air Filter
Oxlite Guards
2005 Rancher 350TM Yellow
Stock for now
2005 Rancher 350FM 4X4 Red (my $300 w/title find)  Got to love the people who can't fix stuff!
Will be down for a rebuild Swing arm, front and rear bearings and ball joints.

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    Re: Finding a little $300 treasure. Honda Rancher Pasture find 2017/08/14 10:16:26 (permalink)
    420 disc brakes will go on at the ball joints.  Drums suck.  Get 420 brakes or a disc brake conversion while you have it apart.
    Sounds like you did well with all the goodies that came with it.
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    Re: Finding a little $300 treasure. Honda Rancher Pasture find 2017/08/14 21:52:41 (permalink)
    You made a good geal there homie. Now we need some pics.

    1997 Honda 300 4x4
    Head Ported and Polished
    317 Kit
    Big Red Cam
    Clutch Kit
    SuperTrapp IDS2 Exhaust
    K&N Filter
    Carb Kit
    32" Interco Interforce II's
    16" MSA M30 Trottles
    54% gear reduction
    Honda 350 rear axle assm.


    1998 Honda 300 2x4
    6" BPC LIft with some sick a-arms
    420 spindles and disk brakes
    29.5" OL2'S
    14" MSA M26 Vibes
    4x4 Frame and Motor that's here now just got to get to work on the swap over!!!
    54% Gear Reduction
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